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Diagnostic Services

diagnostic services

Hena Ahmed Hospital administers efficient and active diagnostic services for the people in need. The following investigations are done in the center –

  • Blood Investigations: Blood grouping, Hemoglobin estimation, HBsAg, TPHA, Fasting Blood Sugar, Random Blood Sugar, blood sugar 2 Hours After Breakfast, TC,DC, ESR, Platelet count, Bilirubin level, HCV, VDRL, cross matching, BT/CT and ASO titre estimation are done at the center.
  • Urine Investigations: Routine microscopic examination, pregnancy test, sugar estimation, albumin estimation and PO4 estimation are done from the urine sample of the patients.
  • Stool Investigations: Routine and Microscopic examinations are done from the stool sample of the patients
  • Imaging: Ultrasonogram by the modern equipment is done for pregnancy profile and to see any abnormalities in abdomen.
  • Other Investigations: Sputum for AFB to diagnose Tuberculosis, ECG and Echocardiography are also done in the diagnostic center.