Hena Ahmed Hospital

Managed by

Dhaka Ahsania Mission

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+880 197 576 6661


The Hena Ahmed Hospital Pharmacy is equipped with all emergency and general medicines. Antibiotic injections and other injections including vaccines are available in the pharmacy. Painkiller medications are available as per the prescription of specialist physicians. There is high risk of snake bites and other insect bites in the rural area, and there is always the scarcity of anti-venoms in such scenarios. Hena Ahmed Hospital Pharmacy has the provision of anti-venoms for emergency management of snake bites. Special medicines such as ear and eyes ailments are also available.

The pharmacy provides its services at 24 hour basis. Skilled staff for the pharmacy has been appointed for the smooth run. The personnel in charge of the hospital pharmacy have meetings with other local pharmacies for coordination of services. They also maintain liaison with local pharmacies to lessen the market competition and conflicts.