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Dhaka Ahsania Mission is a non-government development organization founded by Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah, an eminent educationist, reformer and Sufi. The founding motto of DAM is ‘Divine and humanitarian service’. It functions since 1958 pursuing the aims of social and spiritual development of entire human community.

Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM) has been implementing healthcare delivery services along with its humanitarian activities since 1990. Health Sector is one of the three principal sectors of Dhaka Ahsania Mission. Its focus remains on primary healthcare and nutrition services for the poor & underprivileged population, anti-tobacco activities, providing mental health support to the prisoners, endeavor to succeed in treatment & rehabilitation of substance use disorder, TB-control & treatment and on offering the best possible specialist care for cancer treatment.

Healthcare centers were established for the poor population in the urban areas of Uttara, Dhaka and Cumilla city. Nutritional supports are provided for them; along with the people from Savar&Satkhira (under the PEPSEP Project) and the people residing in Sukundi Union of Narsingdi (ENRICH project). Free treatment, maternal & child healthcare issues, reproductive & adolescent healthcare, nutritional monitoring, vaccination & distribution of supplements and other services were providedduring the year. HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment is also an important component of the services provided by the sector.

DAM Health Sector runs the anti-tobacco program to build smoke-free hospitality sector for the country and for the strict implementation of anti-tobacco law. A massive achievement in this year is the consideration of BIWTA to make all water vehicles smoke-free soon. Research initiative was undertaken to study tobacco advertisement, sales, product displays, purchase incentives around schools & playgrounds; during the reporting year. The results of the study has become a very strong weapon to fight for stronger steps against tobacco usage.

The Health Sector is concerned with provision of mental health and vocational training support for the prisoners, thus contributing in reduction of recidivism. Project has been covering 15,623 prisoners from four prisons, and 1,603 attended life-skill training sessions during the 2017-18.

Treatment for Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation programs carry the flagship through the Addiction Management and Integrated Care (AMIC) initiative. It provides the services through three centers – Gazipur and Jashore centers accommodate the male, and the Dhaka center serves the female. Consultation on mental and general health issues, counseling, psychosocial education, harmful effects of drugs and other issues are provided in all the centers. DAM Health Sector also plays very important role in rehabilitating the recovered drug users.

One of the strategies that the Health Sector follow is prevention & curative services for communicable diseases. TB clinics are run in Uttara and in Khilkhet, providing diagnosing and DOTS services to treat TB. Non-communicable disease like hypertension, diabetes, cardiac problems and other general health issues are also addressed through project activities. With the aim to providing the best cancer care for the patients, DAM Health Sector runs specialized cancer hospitals in Mirpur and Uttara of Dhaka city. Equipped with state of the art facilities, these hospitals and Hena Ahmed Hospital in Munshiganj, also provide medical services for general health conditions.

DAM Health Sector is always one of the firsts to aid the people in crisis. Continuing its aim to help the humanity, Health Sector arranged nutritional & general healthcare screening and treatment services for the Rohingyas of Cox’s Bazar.

DAM Health Sector has always been driving its workforce for joining training sessions and workshops as a part of capacity building. Regular programs were organized on relevant topics under different projects during the reporting year. It also conducts training for international accreditation of addiction professionals.